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Steel Garage Building Kits

Looking to build your own garage? Consider the DIY garage frame kits from Frontier and Summit Garage. These kits come with everything you need to construct a sturdy frame, including roof purlins and side girts for attaching your choice of roofing or siding materials. Plus, with 12 different color combinations to choose from, you can customize your garage to fit your personal style. 

Features & Benefits

Frontier Series Garage Kits

 Frontier Series garage kit. With a sleek vertical sheet metal roof and horizontal side panels, this design offers a more streamlined look. Plus, with included roof purlins and no need for side girts, the Frontier kit is a cost-effective alternative to our Summit building style. Get the storage and workspace you need without breaking the bank with Frontier garage kits.

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Structure widths range from 10′-30′ wide with lengths start at 20′  working on 4′ spacing.

Sidewall heights range from 8′ through 13′

Features & Benefits

Summit Series Building Kits

The Summit Series is a type of garage kit that boasts a sturdy and consistent design. It features vertical sheet metal for both the roof and siding panels, providing a cohesive look. Additionally, roof purlins are included to support the vertical sheet metal and ensure a strong frame. Side girts are also included for all-around vertical sheet metal application, making the Summit Series a reliable and durable option for your garage needs.

Slop Lean-To

Looking to add more space to your steel building? Consider a continuous slope lean-to, which can be added to many of our buildings for an affordable price. This feature provides additional square footage and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you need more storage space or a covered area for outdoor activities, a continuous slope lean-to is a great option to consider.