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Animal and Agriculture storage options are customized for your use.

If you’re looking for a safe and comfortable home for your horses and livstock, is DIY barn kit might be just what you need. These kits come in a traditional design and offer plenty of interior space for you to customize to your liking. With this DIY livestock shelter, you can rest assured that your animals will be protected and well-cared for.

Features & Benefits

Livestock Shelters

Looking for a sturdy and reliable barn kit for your animals? Look no further than the Summit Series Barn Kit! With its classic style design, including roof purlins and side girts, your animals will be protected from the elements. Plus, the pre-cut frame components make installation a breeze with slip-fit connections. And if you need to install it in a remote location, the compact and easy-to-assemble components make it affordable and hassle-free. Choose the Summit Series for your livestock as a durable and practical solution for your animal housing needs.

Upgrade your kit with an overhead door frame or walk-in door.

Front Enclosure Kit

Transform your Canadian Carports barn into a fully enclosed space with an enclosure kit. Our DIY kits come in various sizes, including 2×2, 2×3, and 2×4, and can be purchased as frame-only or fully sheeted options. Upgrade your barn and create a secure and functional space with our front enclosure kits.