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Barns and Loafing Sheds

If you like the options available for the buildings and carports, then you’re going to love the options for barns and loafing sheds.  There are almost no limits on what you can create to fill your needs.

When most people consider shelters for livestock, they think of horses or cattle.  We at Canadian Carports and Structures strive to be all-inclusive, providing protection for small to medium-size animals like chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys or even the family dog.  

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Structure widths range from 12′-36′ wide with heights from 8′-13′ and lengths 12′-72′.

Loafing Sheds

The Summit design keeps your animals out of the elements with our classic style design including roof purlins and side girts. 

The pre-cut frame components are easy to install with Slip-fit connections.

Compact, easy-to-assemble components make hauling and installation at the most remote location easy and afforable.